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Our services

We provide agile, cutting-edge and market-fit services for product development, consulting and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). We cover the complete product lifecycle leaving nothing to chance.

Product development

Products that are on cloud, desktop, mobile, wearables or even console if you need it. Seamless usage on any device or operating system.


We provide professional consultation for software development, processes, tools & technologies to get your products & applications market-fit.


Software-as-a-Service products, platforms and systems for your business. On-demand access to resources that support your growth.

If you need a solution that our products & services are not yet solving for you, Please let us know!


We listen to every feedback. Carefully. Every delivery from us goes out market fit based on the direct feedback from the users & client.


We are agile. Embraced into our daily routine are the practice of lean, agile and minimum-viable deliveries. Backed by the test-first approach & automated deliveries.


Complete product lifecycle from requirements, analysis, design, prototype, development, testing, deployment, market-fit reporting, analytics & maintenance.


Designs that look equally awesome on any device, any screen size. We delivery truly responsive interfaces that just work. So that you can focus on productivity.

Full-stack & beyond

We provide full-stack development, consulting & SaaS services. Front-end user experience, backend integration. Hardware integration, multiple services, IoT, anything that needs to be part of the solution.


We have proven expertise in test-first development. TDD, BDD, ATDD development, consulting & empowering your teams to embrace these methodologies, reduce defects, more productive sprints.

Infrastructure automation

We get the deployment headaches out of your routine to let you focus on the business plan & goal. Never will you have to worry about that update getting deployed at the right servers & devices, on time.

Continuous Integration

Continuous integrations give you peace of mind for all the steps required in compiling, testing, deploying, or provisioning product updates to the appropriate platforms & devices.

Our expertise

We provide agile, cutting-edge and market-fit services for product development, consulting and SaaS products. We cover the complete product lifecycle leaving nothing to chance.


We develop products using cutting-edge technologies, tools & practices to give you the advantage over competition.


We understand the value of that hard earned money. All our apps are available at throwaway prices that never pinch the pocket but do pack the punch.


We embrace change. It is that simple. Whether you need an update to the product or our delivery methods, reporting or the communication. We are always open because "You, are the focus!"

We have proven track record of our successful deliveries and market-delivered examples of our expertise for the following tools, technologies & methodologies.

Consulting, methodologies & practices

  • Cloud products
  • SaaS
  • PaaS
  • Lean development
  • Agile development
  • Complete product lifecycle
  • Behaviour (BDD), Acceptance (ATDD) driven development
  • Test driven development (TDD)
  • Don't Repeat Yourself methodology (DRY)
  • Pair programming

User experience

  • mindmaps, wireframes, graphic designs
  • Responsive designs, HTML5, HAML, CSS3, twitter bootstrap, ...
  • jQuery, CoffeeScript, jQueryMobile, jQueryUI, Sencha
  • RSS, ATOM feeds


  • noSQL: MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra, voldemort, Amazon RDS/dynamoDB, redis, neo4j
  • RDBMS: MySQL, postgreSQL, ORACLE, firebird, SQLite

Cloud services & integrations

  • Healthcare cloud platforms (, amazon services)
  • SOAP, REST API (design, serve & consume)
  • Amazon EC2 (Elastic Cloud), ELB (Elastic Load Balancer), EBS (Elastic Block Store), SSE (Server Side Encryption)
  • VPS (linode, slicehost, rackspace, ...), Heroku
  • AmazonWS S3, dropbox, box, twillo, rackspace cloudfiles, google services
  • facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+, instagram, ...
  • Continuous integration
  • Automated deployment
  • Google Maps API v2/3, Bing maps, reverse-geocoding
  • Authorize.NET, paypal payment gateways, CCavenue, ...
  • red5 streaming server, FFMPEG on-the-fly media encoding/conversion, ImageMagick
  • E-commerce integration
  • Generating/reading XLSX, PDF, XML, JSON, …

Infrastructure automation

  • automation of IaaS using chef, vagrant, VPS/EC2/linode
  • nginx/apache + unicorn/thin/mongrel clusters + postgresql/mysql clusters
  • Multi-stage environments using VPS/on-demand-amazon-instances for QA/staging/RC/production
  • Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Windows, Android, iOS

Domain specific

  • ruby gems, rails engines
  • Cross platform binary GUI/console applications for MacOS, Windows, Linux
  • EMR services (AllScripts, GreenwayMedical)
  • Transactional emails (ExpressPigeon, MailChimp, Luxsci - HIPAA compliant, ...)
  • Email analytics (Litmus, Custom made open/click rate tracking)
  • Phone/SMS integration (Twilio, voxeo - HIPAA compliant,
  • Drupal CMS API integration (Greatist)

Success stories

We have successfully delivered products, consulting & SaaS across a range of industries & verticals. We are glad to give you a glimpse of few of these stories that made our clients cherish wide smiles.









Supply chain



Real estate




Social networking





Your (security) plan looks great. Well done! You seem to be a very security-conscious customer, which is highly appreciated by we support folks. Linode team

You deserve a lot of credit. And appreciate you being very watchful about analytics. This is usually the missing piece for devs Chirag Patel, Contextmedia Inc.

This is definitely helpful. Specifically the segregation of quick wins (Scheduled) provides a huge improvement in perspective. Thank you very much. Sanjiv Sood, Vice President & CIO, Saviance Technologies Private Limited

Thank you for all of your impressive hard work. We are happy with what we see now on our end. Keep up the good work. Lena P. Latta, Innovations, Allscripts

This is a must before we go live so thanks for being proactive. I sense that you are getting a deeper sense of the value of our product to patients and look forward to you continue to own the product at the highest level. Chirag Patel, Contextmedia Inc.

I am always impressed by your love to solve problems. Not just dedication and persistence but genuine love for the art of software development. Chirag Patel, Contextmedia Inc.

The data was retrieved within 1-2 seconds... prior to paging it took 12.3 seconds. I did several filters and paged multiple times. The performance is excellent... Good Job!! Michael Taylor, Director - Product development at Cync software, Financial Cloud SaaS

Contracting was not something we were looking at, but you have convinced us. Jeremy Mitchell, MatrixMedia

What I have heard most from Chirag is the high quality level of your work. In addition, I really appreciate you making yourself available during urgent issues. Both are hard qualities to find in contract software developers. We really appreciate both. Chris Otto, CEO, Halo Monitoring, Inc.

thanks for your great attention and focus on the work at hand. Ross Webb, mindwaymedia, UK

We're really grateful for all of your hard work on this project... thank you for your dedication. Nicholas Rowe, penn yen aero, NY

Our programmer has demonstrated the logic etc. to me and we are very happy with what we have. He thinks it very competent and professional. Adrian Goodman, Studiobox, London, UK

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