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Let us make things simple

sarvasv technologies private limited

Everything can be simple

We are an agile team of professionals actively getting our client products to market! 24 x 7. We welcome feedback and tasks at your project space, or, check your project status "at this minute"

We live agile, work BDD, write TDD, keep it DRY, love the AJAX, eat XHTML, breathe CSS, run ruby and rails in our veins, and thrive to be cross-platform for Web, MacOSX, Windows and Linux. Building desktop apps with REALbasic that run on almost any platform.

We have successfully created several Web applications, mind maps depicting simple ways for everyone to undestand the requirements, desktop apps that work across platforms on MacOSX, Windows, Linux and Console.

Founded in 2009. Young team of experienced professionals having proven track record in the industry. Our team members have earlier worked globally with giants like Primus Telecom, McKinsey, Siemens, Wipro Technologies, and many more industry leaders in their market.

Focus on market, not software vendor

  • We help you focus on marketing the product. Not outsourced vendor.
  • Never ask for status again. Get it 24x7.
  • Tell us how you vision the product "behavior". We make it behave like that. You will never have to worry about what modules and libraries need development.
  • Have sketches or drawings? Good. It is always better and faster for you to tell us through sketches, drawings or just scribbles about how you vision the product working. Its natural for you to think that way. Since we are aligned with your vision, we understand what you show us. If we don't, we will ask.
  • Never spend months again documentating your requirements. Just follow a simple two step process.
    1. Just describe a "behavior" of the product
    2. See it working
    Product behavior needs a change? Repeat the steps.

Watch your product grow

  • See the product today, not after months. You never wait for weeks (or months) for the first glimpse of the product screens.
  • Watch the product grow, right from the first day. Growing from a minimal design and simplest behavior to marketable design and all the required features. Every day. Continuously.
  • We help you forget technical stuff. We have state of the art technologies to the rescue. Behavior driven development. Test driven development. "Don't repeat yourself" rule. Version controlled code. Automated deployments. Continuous integration. Just ignore the terms if they do not seem familiar. The summary is, you still focus on the product. We focus on everything else.
  • Our automated tests during the development and even after delivering, make sure that the product behavior strictly matches the desired outcome. UI based automated testing simulates a person and operates on software product to match the behavior to requirement.
  • Just tell us everything in plain English. We will help you create stories and scenarios for every behavior of the product. Did we say that we will also make those "plain text" stories actually run on the server and verify the product behavior?

Forget technical stuff. This bliss of technology automation.

For starters, validate this page on W3C.

  • We give you all code conforming to industry standards
  • We give you an automated deployment with continuous integration from version control
  • We give you project management space with task manager and issue tracker
  • We give you a running product on our server
  • We give you regular reporting
  • We give you updates like a news feed
  • We give you opportunity to suggest a change anytime
  • We give you time to focus on market and competition
  • We give you an agile experience like never before
  • We give you peace of mind


  • Web products and applications
  • SaaS, On-demand products
  • SEO, google ranking, marketing
  • Web 2.0, Social networking
  • Streaming video, photo & rich content applications
  • Web front for your database
  • CMS based websites
  • Web design XHTML, CSS, AJAX
  • PSD to HTML, User experience design for your products


  • Products that run on MacOSX, Windows, Linux, iPhone and console
  • No DLL hell. No dependencies. Simply complete products.
  • Interfaces for your exisitng systems & databases
  • Connectivity to web application through RPC, SOAP or REST protocols
  • Native OS integration & user experience
  • Drag-n-drop installation
  • OS specific features and OS integration


  • Products for MacOSX, Windows, Linux, Console, iPhone and Web
  • No dependencies. Complete products.
  • Native user experience & OS integration
  • Reports, Output formats same on all platforms
  • Seamless client/server or n-tier products for all platforms
  • Seamless integration with existing systems
  • Legacy product upgrades & enhancemnets

Technologies & concepts

  • Ruby on rails
  • XHTML, CSS 2, CSS 3, blueprint,, YUI, ...
  • Javascript, AJAX, prototype, scriptaculous, jQuery, Mootools,...
  • REALbasic
  • MySQL, SQLite3, almost any popular database
  • Mind mapping, online project management
  • Agility, BDD, TDD, continous integration, version controlled code using git/svn, reports on feeds
  • Cucumber, rspec, shoulda, DRY, ...

You may reach us at sales @ or, sarvasv.technologies @

Address: 1004, H Block, Aditya Mega City, Vaibhav Khand, Sarojini Naidu Marg, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201014 India